Pocket reduction/Crown Lengthening

Pocket reduction

Pocket reduction, also known as osseous surgery, is a procedure that removes unhealthy gingival and osseous tissues that has been affected by gingival inflammation and periodontal disease.

Crown Lenghtening

This procedure will fold back the damaged gingival tissues and recontour negative bony architecture as to permit deep cleaning of the periodontal pockets in an effort to reduce or eliminate the offending bacteria.

The outcome of pocket reduction is the removal of bacteria, prevention of periodontal disease progression and ultimately rejuvenating the patient’s overall oral health.

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is an osseous and gingival procedure that reshapes the tissues that surround a tooth.  It allows us to be able to consolidate a previously unrepairable tooth and prepare it for the fabrication of a long-term restoration that will protect it.