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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are fabricated when all maxillary and mandibular teeth have been removed. These dentures can be removable or fixed on dental implants if patients prefer having a permanent stable solution to their edentulism.

Full Dentures

As with natural teeth, full arch dentures need to be well maintained and cleaned. Use a gentle cleanser to brush your dentures and always keep them moist when they’re not in use. They help restore your speaking and chewing abilities and will dramatically improve your quality of life.

Completely Personalized Care

We carefully customize each denture we provide in order to help patients experience the best possible functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. When planning your dentures, your dentist will take careful impressions of your gums and any surrounding teeth. He will also take pictures of your teeth, sending both the images and the impressions to our lab. Our technicians use top-quality restorative materials. Using premium materials and great attention to detail, lab technicians can craft a restoration that is identical to your natural teeth, and looks completely natural.

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